Belt Drive Electric Bikes: 10 Main Advantages to Be Considered in 2023

Belt drive electric bikes are interesting vehicles. Recently, the so-called gearbox bike is becoming more and more popular, and at the same time, its sales are increasing.

Before choosing such a bike, it is better to learn a little more about it and its advantages over bikes with chain drive. It also can not hurt to learn about the design features of this type of transport.


Belt drive electric bikes - what is it?

Bicycles with belt drives look like normal bicycles. What makes them special is the presence of a belt that replaces the chain. However, such a replacement leads to some changes in the design of the bike and its functionality. It is not equipped with a derailleur; the classic gear design does not fit these bikes.


Design features of belt drive electric bikes

It is very difficult to mount a belt drive system on an ordinary frame. Even if you decide to replace the frame, other changes must be made. It is necessary to install a bushing on the rear wheel and replace the cables and pins. If you like belt drives, it is still easier to buy a new bike with a belt drive. Breeze through the city streets on our proudly made Mars belt-drive electric bike, agile and powerful enough for any adventure.

The gear system includes 7 to 9 gears. A bicycle with nine gears corresponds to a vehicle that has a chain drive with a 24/36 system, as well as an 11/34 cassette. The construction of the gearbox consists of three shafts: The first takes the torque and then transmits it to the second.

The second shaft has the task of switching the speeds. It consists of a movable clutch, during the movement of which the gearing engages. The third shaft contains the toothed belt transmission. Since the second shaft is not subjected to additional loads, this design is considered durable and reliable.

Looking at the design features, you might think that bikes with belts are heavier than those with chains because the number and thickness of the gears are greater. In fact, the chain build is much heavier, and the classic model is equipped with two derailleurs, one of which (rear) is quite heavy. Therefore, the manufacturer's statement that the weight of bicycles with different types of gears is about the same, is not without significance.

Another feature of the design is the greater ground clearance at the point where the pedal unit is located. There is no cassette at this point, which increases the cross-country ability of the bike. This difference in design is one of the many advantages of bikes with belt drives.

Main advantages of belt drive electric bikes:

  1. Durability. There are no rubbing parts on the belt, it does not rust and does not shrink. The belt is made of composite material - a durable and reliable material. The life of the belt exceeds the life of the chain many times over.
  2. The part does not require constant maintenance, such as lubrication. Accordingly, it spends less dirt and less money on maintenance.
  3. Easy maintenance. It is enough to wash the belt with water and it does not rust.
  4. Lightweight. The material of the belt is much lighter than the metal from which the chain is made.
  5. Silent ride, as well as a smooth ride.
  6. A belt-drive bikes are suitable all year round, while owners of chain bikes sometimes do not dare to ride in the snow.
  7. Ground clearance is greater, which increases off-road capability.
  8. Easier to move up hills. This is facilitated by the absence of inertia caused by the mass of the chain.
  9. The planetary hub, which is installed together with the belt is more reliable than the cassette.
  10. Simple appearance. Many riders prefer the simple design of these particular belt-drive electric bikes without bulky details.


Belt-drive electric bikes are perfect for:

- lovers of innovation;

- riders of city streets and parkways;

- cyclists who do not often use the style of aggressive riding.

The argument over which transmission is better - chain or belt - goes on and on. Judging by the reviews, a bike with a belt has a slight advantage. This is due to a reluctance to ride too aggressively and a preference for a smooth ride. Neatness fanatics also tend to favor the belt drive.

Belt-drive bicycles are gradually gaining popularity. There is a displacement of ordinary bikes, and this is not surprising - the belt is more reliable and stronger than an ordinary bicycle chain. This bike is not afraid of off-road and dirt.

You can change gears even with an increased load without pedaling. Belt-drive electric bikes will be comfortable, especially when driving through the city.


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