Who We Are

Starrynite is a premier long-range e-bike manufacturer dedicated to crafting highquality electric bicycles that provide exceptional range, speed, and durability. thebrand is committed to using only the best materials and components to createbikes that are both stylish and reliable. with a focus on innovation, starrynite'sbikes are designed to cater to every cyclist's needs, from urban commuters to off-road adventurers, making them a popular choice among cycling enthusiasts.

Product Advantage

Starrynite long-range E-Bikes offer a range of up to 100 miles on a single charge,making them ideal for long-distance rides. They also feature powerful motors thatprovide a smooth, comfortable ride even on hilly terrain. In addition, Starrynite E Bikes are equipped with advanced safety features, such as hydraulic disc brakesand LED lights, to ensure the rider's safety on the road.

After-Sales Service/Logistics

Starrynite commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the purchase ofits E-Bikes. The brand offers excellent after-sales service to its customers,including a comprehensive warranty and fast, reliable customer support.Starrynite also has a highly efficient logistics system that ensures prompt deliveryof its products to customers around the world.

E-bike Dealer Opportunities