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Road bikes are a type of city electric bikes designed for riding on asphalt and dirt roads. This type of bike occupies a middle position between off-road bikes (mountain bikes) and racing bikes. However, many people are accustomed to riding mountain bikes on the road. What exactly makes these bikes different? Let’s take a look.


The main features of city electric bikes

- sturdy wheels with a diameter of 28 inches (except for folding bikes)

- tires with a width of 32 to 48 mm

- high frame (for unisex models), which increases the stiffness of the system bicycle-cyclist

- gearbox with set to medium gears

- rigid front fork, except for hybrid models.


These features give city electric bikes the following advantages:

- higher speed compared to mountain bikes on dirt and paved roads

- sufficient shock absorption when hitting small stones, cracks, and other defects in the road surface

- Less loss of pedaling power compared to dirt bikes


Types of city electric bikes 

  1. Hybrids

The Aries hybrid bike is a road bike that came from a cross between a mountain bike and a pure road bike. From a mountain bike, it was equipped with a front suspension fork whose travel was reduced to 60-100 mm, and all other components were taken from a road bike. For more comfort, hybrids are sometimes equipped with wide tires up to 48 mm and a padded seat post. The Gemini hybrid bike is well suited for riding on forest trails and asphalt roads with poor pavement. Of course, the hybrid bike is not as fast on the road as, for example, a sports bike, but the versatility of the hybrid bike captivates the choice of this type of bike.



  1. City electric bikes

City electric bikes are road bicycles designed for intended use as a main urban transport vehicle. The main feature of the Mars e-bike is a rigid front fork and an unpretentious, reliable drive system. City electric bikes are usually equipped with either planetary hub gears or single-speed gears (but there are also classic variants with a frame-mounted rear derailleur). This is to ensure that the gears do not become misaligned when the bikes are tilted in the parking lot. To make life difficult for attackers who remove wheels from parked bicycles, the wheels of city bikes are often secured with nuts rather than eccentrics. Sometimes city electric bikes are made foldable to save storage space.


  1. Step-thru city electric bikes

Step-thru city electric bikes are designed for those who are primarily concerned with riding comfort rather than speed. Comfort electric city bikes are also equipped with suspension seatposts, simpler gears, and high handlebars. The frame of the Starrynite Venus is shortened by a few centimeters and designed so that the cyclist hardly has to bend over or strain his back while riding. Comfortable city electric bikes are most often chosen by people who value back-friendly riding or have back or spine problems. These comfort models are the most affordable among city electric bikes.


  1. Cruisers

A type of road bike designed for very measured riding and self-expression. Notably, the Mercury mid-drive has wide, curved handlebars, a massive, elegant frame, and a wide comfort saddle. The riding characteristics of the Mercury mid-drive are the highest among city electric bikes. It is also worth saying that buyers mainly want to buy a fancy bike and attract the attention of others while riding so Mercury is a perfect choice.


  1. Touring bikes

A touring bike is a road bike suitable for long-distance touring. These bikes are already equipped with mudguards, racks, and sturdy wheels so they can carry the extra load of panniers. Often, touring bikes are equipped with ramp handlebars, which are convenient because they have multiple grips: one upper, one lower, and one middle, and allow the tourist to change the height of the ride depending on the conditions. Touring bikes are equipped with reliable multi-speed gears from the amateur level.

Strictly speaking, a touring bike can consist of almost all hybrid, cyclocross, and some city electric bikes that have sturdy wheels and, above all, holes for mounting racks.


  1. Cyclocross bikes

Cyclocross - a subspecies of road bikes designed to move as fast as possible on a mixed road surface (asphalt, dirt). If a hybrid is a mixture of a mountain bike and a road bike, then a cyclocross is a combination of a pure road bike and a sports bike.

A cyclocross bike looks very similar to a sport bike, but has some key differences:

  • the cyclocross has a reinforced frame but at the same time the lightest among road bikes
  • it has larger distances between tires and springs, as well as a different brake design, which allows it to move on the dirty ground
  • a cyclocross bike has wider tires, usually 32 mm, which can significantly reduce the number of punctures on dirt roads and asphalt defects
  • the cyclocross bike has double brake levers that allow you to brake by holding the steering wheel up.

If you want to move as fast as possible on the roads, but are concerned about the possibility of punctures, or move a lot on dense dirt roads, then the best choice is a cyclocross bike.


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