Considering Mid Drive Electric Bikes: 9 Advantages You Should Know

Various types of motors have become popular in the manufacture of modern electric bicycles. These include motors that are installed in the front or rear hubs of a bicycle, as well as mid-drive motors.

The mid-drive motor is a geared motor combined with a bicycle cassette. This design is built into the bicycle frame, rather than the usual hub style. The power transmission remains the same as the conventional version. Mid-drive e-bikes can withstand heavy loads and allow you to ride long distances and difficult terrain with comfort.


How do mid-drive electric bikes work?

The torque of the electric motor, acting on the axle of the car through the gearbox of the bicycle, sets the rear wheel in motion. In the manufacture of the mid-drive motor, a sine wave controller is used, which allows the motor to operate relatively quietly. However, this is an expensive solution, which is why the price of motors of this type is high. Mid-drive motors (like hub motors) have special additional equipment: brake and throttle levers, display, and PAS system.

Mid-drive electric bikes are valued for their excellent maneuverability and ease of use combined with powerful riding characteristics. Today, many well-known brands offer electric bikes of this type. What's more, in the model ranges of reputable manufacturers, it is rare to find bicycles equipped with a hub motor. Most often, they are high-quality bicycle hybrids with a mid-motor, which are characterized by high-quality workmanship, reliability, and durability. Accordingly, the cost of such bikes is higher than for models with hub motors. However, several advantages of the mid-drive justify its high cost.


Performance of mid-drive electric bikes

As you know, the maximum speed that can be achieved with an electric bicycle depends on the power of the built-in electric motor. Conditionally, the following classification can be made:

- Motors with low power (250-350 W);

- Motors with medium power (500-750 W);

- Strong motors (1000 W and above).

More powerful mid-drive motors have more torque and speed.


Advantages of mid-drive electric bikes 

  • A mid-drive motor is much lighter than a wheel motor. This means that an electric bike with a mid-drive motor is much lighter (relative to its specifications) compared to a similar bike with a wheel motor. And the riding experience is comparable to that of a normal bicycle. At the same time, it is much easier to pedal with a discharged battery. This also includes the best maneuverability of an electric bike with a mid-motor.
  • The mid-drive motor is mounted in the lower part of the frame, which contributes to a perfect balance (the center of gravity of the vehicle does not shift forward or backward). This has a positive effect on the handling of the bike. In addition, the load on the rims and spokes is reduced because the heavy "hub" is eliminated.
  • Another obvious advantage of a mid-motor compared to a wheel motor is the rollover that is maintained when you press and release the throttle (since the wheel motor creates a lot of resistance). Also, by using the throttle infrequently, you can save battery power and use it more optimally.
  • The simplicity of the design and the fact that the wheels do not need to be changed or re-spoked, as is the case with a motorcycle. When the motor needs servicing, it can simply be unscrewed and removed. In this context, the necessary replacement of the camera on the rear wheel is also convenient. Among other things, it also eliminates the need to reinforce the dropouts of the bike.
  • Bicycles with mid-drive motors are characterized by excellent climbing properties. Such electric bikes can climb almost any hill, even within 45 degrees, and descend from there without any problems. The mid-drive motor helps the riders and allows them to develop a fairly high speed. For example, a high-quality electric bike with a mid-drive motor and a power of 350 W accelerates to 28 mph.
  • Most mid-drive motors are very quiet. Why this is so, has already been explained above.
  • You do not need to worry about where to install the controller: It is already integrated into the mid-drive motor.
  • A large proportion of mid-drive motors are equipped with a torque sensor and torque sensors, which gives the rider a more realistic pedaling feel and saves battery power.


When selecting mid-drive electric bikes, consider not only the performance characteristics of the bicycle but also the characteristics of the planned frequency of riding and the riding area, terrain, etc. The expected load and weight of the user should also be considered when selecting the bicycle

The bike components are the most important part of the design, try not to skimp on them and choose only the best for yourself. Our Mercury model combines versatility, technology, and style in the next evolutionary step of mid-drive electric bikes. Ride with us!


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